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Friday, July 9, 2010

Angel Court Jewels: Before and After

Angel Court Jewels: Before and After

check this pool lounge room out.....my dear cousin and I were out for a walk and Ms. Courtney her biz partner wanted to run, so we set up a meeting spot.  I had just stated, hey I haven't showered yet and don't really want to impromptu meet ur friends or neighbors can we just walk to meet Courtney.  With family their are no rules..........U can say one thing and be happy it ends another way.  Her mother was very spontaneous when it came to meeting and greeting folks.  So I  know how genetics can effect someone like us. It wasn't five minutes into this work-out that my cousin I spied someone.  Sure enough it turned into a southern home tour of my dreams.  Poor Ms. Courtney was running around in circles at the country club trying to find us.  We were exploring one of the coolest place I had ever been and meeting one of the most delightful moms.  What a doll and she had mixed in her children's art with her own art collections and it was magic.  I wanted to stay and play........as we left she told us of this before and after project.  We walked out and my mouth was hanging open.  As my cousin laughed, I said I thought we weren't doing that and where in the world is Ms Courtney.  Courtney forgave us when we took her back for the before and after!

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